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Welcome to GIDG I’m Carrie

Hey Hey Hey

Welcome to GIDGliving where once I have a moment to sit I will write about all kinds of stuff that pops into my head. I know real niche isn’t it? Clever. No but for real I’m excited to start this adventure. See my last site getitdonegirl (which is still alive and doing her thing) was a “hey come check out my business kind of site”, but GIDGliving will be me. My feelings, thoughts, concerns, loves, desires, guilty pleasures, and what makes me laugh and feel alive. I’m hoping we share a lot of common interest and you come along for the ride with me. Up front I should tell you I write like I talk: long run on sentences- my mouth gets ahead of my brain- I make up  shit tons of words- and I swear when needed- But… I know the difference between too, to, two, then, than, there, their, they’re, your, you’re so obviously I must be a smart cookie, but I’m still not convinced about the I before E except after C shit. Any way I will be back soon just need a minute to build a hotel in Arkansas for this super cool show I do called Hotel Impossible. Talk to you soon BYYYYEEEE

Carrie aka the getitdonegirl

PS Before and After Picture Coming soon…pretty excited


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